9th Computer New Course Data and Privacy Unit-04

9th Computer New Course Data and Privacy Unit-04

4.1 Choose the correct option.

  1. Which of the following does not includes the types of software piracy?

i. Softlifting (Correct Answer)

ii. Liability

iii. Client server overuse

iv. Online piracy

2. Which of the following is not a cybercrime?

i. Hacking

ii. Phishing crime

iii. Identity Theft

iv. Decryption (Correct Answer)

3. Which of the following is not the characteristics of phishing emails?

i. Official data breach notification

ii. Email account update

iii. IT reminder (Correct Answer)

iv. Similar domain of actual website

4. Which of the following is not characteristics of phishing website?

i. Similar domain of actual website

ii. Using of forms to collect visitors

iii. Actual link to web content (Correct Answer)

iv. Email account updates

5. Which of the following is not a characteristics of good password?

i. Is eight characters long

ii. Doesn’t contains username

iii. Contains uppercase letters

iv. Password is your name only (Correct Answer)

4.2 Fill in the blanks.

  1. Making illegal copies of software is called ____________________.

Answer: Piracy

2. ____________________ is a general term for any types of information processing than can be represented mathematically.

Answer: Computation

3. ____________________ is the process of encoding data.

Answer: Encryption

4. When a key has less number of character than the text to encrypt, then repeating letters of the key is called ____________________.

Answer: Interim cypher text

5. ____________________ is a cyber-attack to make machine or network resource unavailable for a user.

Answer: Denial of Service

4.3 Answer the following questions.

  1. Define cipher text.

Answer: Cipher text

Ciphertext is the conversion of data to an unreadable format. Basically in ciphertext we encrypt the data in such a way that only authorized person can read it. We encrypt the data using a key to make it unreadable, and if we want to read that encrypted data we decrypt it using that key which we used in the process of encryption.

2. Why do we need an installation key whereas a software can be protected with a password?


Passwords are used for authentication to enter a system whereas cryptographic keys are used to read an encrypted message. So, with respect to computer security a “Key” is not synonymous with “password”. It is also possible that a password can be used as a key. The basic difference between these two is that a password is generated, read, remembered, and reproduced for human use while a key is used by the software or human to process a message by using that key and the cryptographic algorithm.

3. Define Denial of Service.

Answer: Denial of Service

In computing, a denial-of-service attack (DOS attack) is a cyber-attack to make a machine or network resource unavailable. It means a service is denied. For example, if you want to visit a website but someone else is already sending too many requests to the same website using computer programs then you may not be able to access that website. This type of attack is shown in the below image. It is just like a robot is sending many requests in small amount of time, but for a user, either the service becomes very slow or it is denied.

4. Give a reason to add Captcha on website.

Answer: Reason to write the Captcha

We can write a program that can access website and give it a password. It can be used to hack a password if the program keeps trying different password for long time. Moreover, a program can also add unnecessary data by filling a form again and again. To avoid this situation only humans are allowed to use a system instead of a computer program. So, a picture is shown on a website whenever there is a form and you are asked to read that image and fill a field. The image contains text in irregular form which is readable for human but not easily for a machine.

5. What is Patent, and why do we need to register it?

Answer: Patent

Patent is a way to protect an idea. If you are doing research in some field and you have an idea, then you must get patent for that idea. It gives you the right to exclude others from making or selling an invention using your idea.

Example: If you are doing research in medical field and give a new idea to treat a particular disease, some pharmaceutical companies can make medicines on the basis of your idea. Ethically, they must seek your permission before making medicines using your idea. They should also pay a certain amount upon sale of the medicine. For this purpose, you must get a patent.


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