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How to Export SQL Table Data to Excel (XLSX)

How to Export SQL Table Data to Excel (XLSX)

Step-I: Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to SQL Server instance by clicking on the connect button.

Connect to SSMS

Step-II: Right click on database(NORTHWIND for this demo) from where you want to export table, move cursor to Tasks and click on Export Data… from the pop-up menu.

Step-III: SQL Server Import and Export Wizard will open, Click on Next button.


  • Choose Data Source as SQL Server Native Client 11.0
  • Select Server Name.
  • To select Authentication, Either Select Use Windows Authentication or Use SQL Server Authentication radio button.
  • Select the Source Database from where you want to export table data.
  • Click on Next button.


  • Select Destination as Microsoft Excel to export in Text File.
  • Browse File name.
  • Excel version should be Microsoft Excel 2007 selected.
  • Check the checkbox First row has column names.
  • Click on Next button.


  • Choose Copy data from one or more tables or views or write a query to specify the data to transfer.
  • Click on Next button.

Step-VII: If you check Write a query to specify the data to transfer radio button, then a new window will open where you write a query and click on Parse button to check the validity of query and click on Next button.


  • Select the table which you want to export, click on Preview button if you want to preview data before you proceed.
  • Click on Next button.

Step-IX: Check the Run Immediately check box and Click on Next button.

Step-X: There will be a Complete the Wizard window, where you verify the choices made in the wizard and Click on Finish button.

Step-XI: Process will be executed and completed successfully as shown in the following image, with the rows inserted. Click on Close button.

Step-XII: Check your XLSX Excel file where you exported data.

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