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How To Install Power Query in Excel 2013

How To Install Power Query in Excel 2013

Before we install Power Query in Excel 2013, First we learn what is the Power Query in Excel. Power Query added by default to Excel when we install MS Office 2016 and 2019. This is built-in tool in MS Excel 2016 and 2019. Power Query can also be used with MS Excel 2010 and 2013, but it needs to install separately.

Through power query tool we can perform ETL(Extract Transform and Load) from other sources. We can import and export Text Files, CSV Files, Files from web, and Excel Workbooks/Worksheets. The beauty of this tool is that you don’t need to learn many formulas and function. This will reduce your work and effort more than 90%.

After importing data files or tables, data can be cleaned and transformed according to our requirements.

To install the Power Query, follow the following steps. To get the Power Query tool setup click Here


Step-I: Click on the download button after selecting the language as shown in the following image.

Download power query tool

Step-II: Choose/Select the setup file according to your operating system either 32bit or 64bit and click on Next button as below.

Power query setup

Step-III: Double click on the Power Query setup file or right click on the setup file and click on Install from the pop-up window.

install power query

Step-IV: Click on the Next button from the Microsoft Power Query  for Excel (x64) Setup window as below.

Power Query

Step-V: Accept the License Agreement by click on the check mark and then click on Next button.

License agreement power tool

Step-VI: Change the destination folder if you want, Otherwise keep it as default. Click on Next button

Power Query Tool Destination

Step-VII: Click on Install button.

Power Query tool Install

Step-VIII: Click on Finish button.

Finish Power Query Installation

Power Query Tool installed successfully on Excel 2013. To view the Power Query on Excel, Open Excel and see the Tab Power Query on your Excel window as below.

Power Query Tab on Excel window